First, you earn trade dollars by selling your products and services to other members of the association. Then, you find products and services you wish to purchase on the iTrade or Global Marketplace and pay for them with your trade dollars. The transactions are not one to one trades – you use the trade dollars that you’ve earned to purchase from any other member of the association.


You may also request a credit line for immediate purchasing needs. Unlike traditional banks, you don’t pay interest on the credit line and we’ll send you new business to pay for it!


iTrade records all transactions and provides real-time and monthly reports through its online system. iTrade's trade managers are available to assist you in finding goods and services, greatly reducing your cash cost (check out the Return on Investment Calculator to see how much you could save). iTrade has a reasonable enrollment fee and receives a small transaction fee in cash for its services. iTrade uses the comprehensive trading platform called Nextrade enabling you to shop, search and conduct all aspects of trade transactions on-line.

iTrade Colorado is a proud member of IRTA

IRTA has owned and operated Universal Currency Clearinghouse Inc. (UC), the industry’s largest and most robust online inter-exchange trading platform since 1997. Over 100 of the best barter exchanges, corporate trade companies, and complementary currency organizations around the globe participate in UC to increase the scope of products and services they can offer their members on trade.

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