iTrade Colorado members buy advertising, printing services, business equipment, contractor services, signs, employee incentives and pay for restaurant dining, hotel rooms, vacations and much more with iTrade trade dollars. Members save their cash for payroll, mortgage payments, insurance, taxes and other expenses that can’t be paid for with trade dollars.


iTrade Colorado acts as a third-party record keeper, providing monthly statements and current account balances. All transactions are recorded pursuant to trading procedures, policies, Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAP), Sarbanes Oxley and the Internal Revenue Service.


The iTrade staff helps members get new business, find the products and services they need, make reservations whenever members plan to travel. We operate a 24-hour online authorization system and we update our online marketplace daily to promote member services and ensure that members know where they can spend their trade dollars.


The business to business trade exchange industry is rapidly growing, with nearly half a million businesses in the United States using organized trade to supplement their cash transactions. 


As a member of iTrade Colorado, you are free to purchase any product or service within the iTrade network. 


The iTrade Code of Ethics ensures that all iTrade activities are conducted in an ethical and fair environment for all members. As a member of the International Reciprocal Trade Association (IRTA), iTrade is committed to abiding by the highest ethical standards and practices as established by the industry association.


iTrade Colorado gives you access to a wide range of merchandise and services. Our outstanding customer service experts offer clients ease and flexibility in spending trade credits.


Membership allows clients to expand advertising and marketing budgets, boost sales, fill empty rooms and meeting spaces with new customers, conserve cash and maintain product value.

iTrade Colorado is a proud member of IRTA

IRTA has owned and operated Universal Currency Clearinghouse Inc. (UC), the industry’s largest and most robust online inter-exchange trading platform since 1997. Over 100 of the best barter exchanges, corporate trade companies, and complementary currency organizations around the globe participate in UC to increase the scope of products and services they can offer their members on trade.

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