iTrade Colorado is an association of professionals and business owners who trade their products and services for other things they need like business services and equipment, automotive services, restaurants, travel and much more. iTrade members reduce expenses and increase sales by doing business with each other without using cash.


Supporting local businesses nurtures leadership and makes our communities stronger.  iTrade members are committed to working together and buying local first with our own currency!


Members receive exposure through iTrade and our affiliates. iTrade introduces your business to a new market, brings in new customers and provides new networking opportunities within our exclusive association.


Start increasing your sales and reducing your costs today by joining iTrade Colorado. Please call iTrade to inquire about New Year specials on enrollment fees for qualified businesses.



"I’ve been with iTrade since it was Community Connect. The team is amazing and even if they don’t have what you need, they are persistent in finding a solution. Trade has helped our business become a house-hold name in the Advertising Agency community. At the same time, I’m able to bless my family and friends at a high level.  "

Denver Advertising

janice cowan

I found a network of wonderful business people with endless opportunities to use my trade dollars. I use Accountants, Attorneys, Computers & Tech Support,

Security Systems and Signage. My personal life was enhanced through Vacations, buying Time Shares, taking Cruises, Fly Fishing, and Exotic Travel. My home sparkles with Housekeepers, Gardner’s, Landscapers, Window Washers, etc. - while saving my precious cash. I would highly recommend iTrade to anyone.

Diamond Designs



iTrade of Colorado has totally transformed my business. I have so many more customers than I ever thought possible. These customers often come back again and again for more business which just keeps the pipeline moving and the trade dollars coming in. Also, I had no idea I could use my trade dollars for so many things I would normally have had to pay cash for. From home improvement projects, to travel to massage, almost anything I want is at iTrade. Their network of National and International affiliates increases my opportunity to use my trade dollars greatly! Thank you iTrade, you’ve changed my business and my life,

Sound Planet



"I have been a part of iTrade of Colorado for almost 10 years and one of the best parts is meeting wonderful people, both in business and personally. The staff is always friendly and very helpful, they are especially great at helping to find difficult items. With support from the community within iTrade, I have been able to increase my business and get many services and products with great peace of mind, knowing they will be high integrity and quality."

Repair IT Services



"iTrade is a delight to work with and has opened our eyes to the world of trade.  There are many opportunities to save cash by using trade dollars. We have used trade dollars for countless items and services for our business. If you open your mind to another way to do business then you will have the cash to expand your business. We have been a member for over a decade and would highly recommend iTrade to any business owner."

Nelowet Business Machines

Make Things Happen.

Imagine: More Clients, Greater Cash Flow, and Tailored Business Solutions.

We’re on fire to support your company’s growth and sustainability. We turn your unused capacity and excess inventory into revenue by marketing your goods and services to our barter network of thousands of savvy business owners and growing.

iTrade Colorado is a proud member of IRTA

IRTA has owned and operated Universal Currency Clearinghouse Inc. (UC), the industry’s largest and most robust online inter-exchange trading platform since 1997. Over 100 of the best barter exchanges, corporate trade companies, and complementary currency organizations around the globe participate in UC to increase the scope of products and services they can offer their members on trade.

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